10 unusual facts about traveling

Few curiosities “Did you know, that…?” 

1.  The shortest flight is between Scotish Island of Westray and Papa Westray.  Duration of this flight is about 2 minutes long.


2. The longest flight last 16 hours. It is between Sydney and Dallas. 


3. Saudi Arabia is the only country without any rivers.


4. The most hotels you will find in Las Vegas (even that the Paris is the most visited city in the world).


5. Grand Canyon isn’t the biggest canyon in the world. 

grand canyon

6. The Great Wall of China can’t be seen from the moon.


7. Sagrada Familia is being build since 1882. They still continues building it.

najbardziej oddalone lotniska

8. Pilot and second pilot never eat the same meal. It’s to avoid possible food poisoning.


9. The safest seats in plane are the lasts one.


10. Robert Crandall from American Airlines started saving his company about  40,000$ every year because of elimination 1 olive from salad for passangers.


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