10 best moments worth traveling

Plus the one that you do not have to work 😉

1. The one when you have found paradise 

raj na ziemi

2. The one when you found perfect food


3. The one that you broke your language barier and thought that now everything is possible

przelamanie bariery jezykowej

4. The one that made you realize that world is really beautifull

ten moment ze swiat jest really piekny

5. The one when you made your drwam come true

spelnienia marzen

6. The one when you beat your fear

pokonales swoj strach

7. The one when you become freands with so many people all over the world

friends around the world

8. The one with the adrenaline

adrenalina na cale zycie

 9. The one when you unexpected discover something 

odkryjesz cos przypadkiem

10. The one when you re planing your next adventure and you know it is gonna be amazing

plan podozy

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