10 airports you wish you could stuck into

Have you ever stuck at airport? I have. Delayes of flights are normal these days. What to do in such situation? Mainly you can wait, sleep or go to nearby city. There is also a chance that you will stuck in one of mention below airports… and then you could…

1) Get marry

No, it’s not in Vegas but in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Netherlands.


2. Go sliding or swimming in pool on the roof of airport.

These things you can do in Changi Airport in Singapore.


basen singapur

3.  Go to IMAX cinema or attend golf course.

IMAX cinema is the biggest in Hong Kong airport.



4. Relax at beer garden or go… surfing!

Welcome in Munich.

munich ogrdek piwny


5. Go to the beach…

Where? Just next to Princess Juliana International Airport at Sint Maarten.


6. Feel like on set of “Lord of the ring”.

Wellington, New Zeland

Wellington, New Zealand

7. Go to concert

Nashville, USA


8.  Go shopping with personal assistant or eat at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant.

London, Heathrow


9. Rent a bike or rollers



10. Relax at Zen garden, swim in poll or even win a car!

Those kind of things only in Dubai.



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